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2023 King Charles III
 One Coronation Guinea Gold 


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2023 King Charles III
Coronation Guinea Gold 3 Coin Set


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2023 King Charles III
Coronation Guinea Gold  5 Coin Set


2023 King Charles III Guinea Gold Design Elements

The last of the Gold Guinea struck in Britain was the ‘Spade’ shield design, created during the reign of King George III and in the years 1787 to 1799 and was the final gold guinea issued.

The shield design featured a flat-topped design divided into quarters: the conjoint arms of England and Scotland, the tripartite arms of Brunswick, Luneburg and Hanover, the Fleur de Lis of France and in the fourth quarter, the harp of Ireland. The name is gained from the spade shape of this shield.

 EIC has added King Charles III cypher to make the 2023 Coronation Guinea unique for this special occasion in the crowning of the United Kingdom’s new monarch.

 The portrait of King Charles III designed by Glyn Davies will be on the obverse of this gold 2023 Coronation Guinea Spade Collection, approved by King Charles III for the British Territory of St Helena.

The shield design of the Royal Arms is unique and the only one to feature on a Guinea and there is only one other coin in history which would feature this shield which is the Half Guinea issued in the same era. 

 The Spade Guinea design is of great interest to both historians and collectors based on the Royal Arms shield and was the last type of gold guinea ever issued as coinage in Britain. Interesting fact that the Spade Guinea would have been circulating during the battle of Waterloo and Wellington’s victory.

At the time, King George III portrait on the original Spade Guinea only ever appeared on this coin and the half Guinea. The East India Company is proud to offer this 2023 Coronation Spade Guinea in extremely limited numbers in a five-gold coin set, three gold coin set and the Spade Guinea.