The Queen's Virtues

This innovative and thought-provoking collection is released in tribute of the ‘Virtues of a Queen’.
Virtues which, in all our lives, remain today as important as ever. ​ Issued over three years in gold and silver proof and a complimentary investment bullion range issued over six years, the collection features the allegorical personifications of​ ​


The allegorical presentation of the Queen’s six virtues was first presented on the Victoria Memorial,
situated outside Buckingham Palace.

Designed after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, The Winged Angel of Victory is featured at the very top of the monument and crouched at her feet are the allegorical figures of Courage and Constancy. Courage wears a helmet and bears a club, while Constancy holds a ship’s compass, and both have cloaks swirling out in the breeze. Beneath stand personifications of Justice, Truth and Charity.​

Designed and sculpted by Sir Thomas Brock, he described the symbolism of the monument as devoted to the ​"qualities which made our Queen so great and so much beloved.“

The Queen’s Virtues Collection captures these classic allegorical designs on gold and silver proof coins in tribute to our Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Celebrating virtues are widely acknowledged as principles founded by Queen Victoria and have been carried forward by Queen Elizabeth II and so are considered the core virtues of the British nation.​

The fourth coin illustrates a Winged Angel of Justice with sword in hand symbolising the reputation of a just and righteous Queen. The child to her left carries her scales of justice, symbol of unbiased pronouncement. ​

FIAT IUSTITIA - ‘Let Justice Be Done'

The East India Company’s exclusive ‘The Queen’s Virtues’ series continues with the fifth coin representing Courage, the virtue of fortitude.​
Courage is represented by a seated allegory with cape flying in the wind and carrying in the club. The club is thought to symbolise determination and bravery.

FORTES FORTUNA ADIUVAT - ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’​


The final Virtues coin in The Queen’s Virtues coin collection celebrates Constancy, the virtue of being steadfast and constant. Constancy is represented by a seated allegory holding in her hand a compass with its needle pointing north to emphasise the need to always remain on the right path.

ACTA NON VERBA - ‘Deeds not Words’​


The third coin in the series is dedicated to Charity and will depict a design inspired by the monument showing the allegorical figure caring for the young.​
This warm and touching depiction of ‘Motherhood’ symbolises the virtue of Charity. It is said to represent the virtue of making charitable efforts to take care of the suffering. ​

IN OMNIBUS CARITAS - ‘In All Things Charity’​

Truth is the second virtue celebrated in The Queen’s Virtues Collection. Our inspiration is the glad-winged figure of Truth, holding a mirror to Nature to reveal the truth, standing in protection of a child bearing a palm-branch and a seated woman searching in a scroll for the truth.​

VINCIT VERITAS OMNIA - ‘Truth Conquers All’

Our very first coin in this magnificent collection celebrates the Virtue of Victory. Defined as the success or triumph of overcoming an enemy, it is perhaps the most prominent virtue a Monarch beholds. Victory signals the end of conflict and is a celebration of peace.​

VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT - ‘Victory through Harmony’