The Mohur – the Seal of Wealth

The Mohur was the highest value coin in a new currency system introduced by Mughal Emperor Sher Shah Suri, known locally as Sher Khan, the Lion King. The word ‘Mohur’ means symbol or seal was seen as a symbol of the emperor’s power and wealth.

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Royal Arms Sovereign Collection

Celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with this iconic symbol of the Monarchy

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The Faerie Queene Collection

Explore the fairy tale of Una & the Lion in this new four part series.

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2022 One Mohur
Gold Proof Coin


The Mohur was adopted as the main trading currency of The East India Company in the late 17th Century and came to represent a brave new age of discovery and trade. With its consistent weight of one ‘Tola’ and its symbolic design of a Lion striding proudly beneath a Palm Tree, the Mohur soon became widely recognised and trusted for both its beauty and integrity.

Today the Majestic Mohur remains at the core of all our coins. Issued every year in exceptionally low limited edition of only 100 coins, it remains a seal of wealth.

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2022 Double Sovereign
Gold Proof Coin


As Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to celebrate 70 years on the throne, our new 2022 Sovereign design captures the symbols of heritage and heraldry that inform The Queen’s family history and combine to form Her Majesty’s official coat of arms; the royal arms, used by The Queen in her official capacity as monarch of the United Kingdom.

Explore the Double Sovereign, limited to only 100 coins worldwide, and featuring the Lion of England which stands on the right-hand side of the shield and is known as the ‘Dexter Supporter’.

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More Than Just Metals

A History Of Precious Metal Expertise

The East India Company’s reputation for precious metals expertise can be traced back to the late 17th century, when
Company ships brought gold from Brazil to London in the first gold rush, marking the beginning of London’s role as one of the world’s leading bullion markets.

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A Reputation For Quality, Craftsmanship, and Beauty

Our coins capture moments in
history for contemporary enthusiasts and future generations to treasure, telling stories of fascinating characters and landmark events through a range of intricate designs and beautiful presentations.

Inspired by the past but with a
fresh, modern twist, designs by some of the world’s leading artists are brought to life through a combination of ancient hand craftsmanship and the very best of modern minting expertise.

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The Assurance of Royal Approval

In 1677, King Charles II awarded permission for The East India Company to mint its own coinage and in 1835 King William IV granted permission to mint coins bearing the Monarch’s effigy. Today we continue to honour that royal approval, creating legal tender coins for St Helena.

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