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The Spirit of 4th July

As America celebrates its Independence Day, we celebrate the relationship between The East India Company and The United States of America.


2024 Guinea Gold Proof Coin

The only Guinea presently issued, renowned as the most trusted gold coin in history.

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Guinea Standing Lion


Trusted for its purity and reliability by nations of merchants as they explored the new world searching for new and exotic treasures, the Guinea symbolised the growth of the British Empire in the aftermath of the Restoration of the Monarchy and came to characterise the wealth of the nation.

With a history dating back to the 17th Century, the Guinea continues, reborn for the 21st Century and unrivalled for it's accuracy and beauty.

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2024 Faerie Queene Redcrosse & The Dragon

Gold & Silver Collection

The third coin in our exclusive Faerie Queene series

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Una & the Lion 2024

Strictly Limited Edition BU & Proof Coins

From £34.99

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The Boston Tea Party


Join us to commemorate 250-year anniversary of the peaceful but powerful protest that became one of the first acts in the American revolution and its journey to Liberty.

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New Releases

The New Year brings a fresh start and exciting new opportunities.

For coin collectors it can be a perfect time to start a new collection.

Whether you are looking for traditional classical masterpieces, a new story to explore or to complete your existing collection, we invite you to discover our NEW 2024 range of strictly low limited-edition silver and gold coins and silver stacking BU coins.

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Interested in coin collecting but don’t know where to start? Browse some of our silver BU coins and discover the perfect coins to begin your new hobby.

Affordable yet beautiful, with prices from £33 for a 1oz silver coin, our silver stackers & BU coins allow new collector’s the opportunity to acquire quickly coins with which to admire and treasure as they explore the hobby of Kings.

Explore our BU Coins here.


Every coin we create takes hours of dedication and hard work from our talented team of designer, engravers, minters and quality controllers to create a coin which will delight the collector. Simply put, we pour love into our coins, and we want to share our love for them with you.

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