The 2023 Lucky Angel Collection

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1oz Silver Proof Coin with Selective Gold Plate
Limited to 500 coins​

1oz Gold Proof Coin
Limited to 100 coins​

1oz Silver Proof Coin
Limited to 1000 coins​

The story of the 2023 Lucky Angel Collection 

The East India Company Collection’s new 2023 Lucky Angel coin series reimagined by one of our leading coin designers, Chiara Principe.​

The luck of the Irish. The luck of the devil.​ ​
Have one for luck. But don’t push your luck. ​ ​
Because Lady Luck is a fickle mistress.

In all probability, the word luck was first used in the Middle Ages, and now has a long-standing association with coins; the lucky penny as a gift for a new-born baby; the lucky silver sixpence, stirred into a Christmas pudding to bring luck to whoever finds it in their bowl on Christmas Day (hopefully without the bad luck of a broken tooth!).

This is true around the world too; the US Silver Dollar is often referred to as the ‘lucky’ silver dollar, while the Japanese five-yen coin is often placed inside a new wallet when given as a gift to wish the receiver good luck. Indeed the Japanese words for ‘five yen’ are 'go en', a phrase often used between friends to wish each other luck.

Now, as luck would have it, one of history’s luckiest coins, the Angel, is available once more.

​ ​ So, are you feeling lucky?

Coin Designer: Chiara Principe